Paid Social

Here at iCumulus, we believe that a paid social strategy is at the cornerstone of successful digital & social media marketing in today’s environment.

Our overall paid social objectives include the following:

  • Integrated Strategy: LinkedIn and other key B2B social platforms
  • Key Platforms: We use dynamic budget allocation amongst platforms to maximise performance and minimise cost:
    • LinkedIn
    • Twitter
    • Quora
    • Facebook
  • CTR Maximisation: We run A/B Split Testing on all ads, to maximise click-throughs
  • Performance Maximisation: When landing page conversions are tracked, we optimise social advertising to the best combinations of CTR and Conversion Rate.

To achieve these objectives, we also help you:

  • Create a Social Page
  • Promote your Content
  • Measure and Optimise your Campaign Performance
  • Provide helpful Content Tips


Here are some of the Paid Social Tools in which we are experts in:

  • LinkedIn Sponsored Content:
    Build your ideal audience to target the right professionals and build brand awareness, nurture relationships, and drive leads
  • LinkedIn Dynamic Ads:
    Build Brand Awareness by acquiring more followers for your LinkedIn Page and generating higher engagement and lead conversion rates with prospects
  • LinkedIn Sponsored InMail:
    Send personalized messages and relevant content to targeted prospects and boost conversions.
  • Twitter for Business:
    Promote your posts to target the right audience, drive brand awareness, grow your Twitter follower base, and drive more downloads & conversions for your content.
  • Facebook Business:
    Run targeted campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, and Messenger – at once, to over a billion people. Driving brand awareness, relationship nurturing, and lead generation with just a few clicks.

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