Since 2011, Skotidas Consulting Group has designed and implemented hundreds of Social Selling programs for global B2B organisations.

During this time, we have helped our clients use social networks to generate connections and followers, interactions on their content, and qualified sales leads with thousands of their business prospects.

Each of these actions represents a “data point” – one that can be measured and analysed.

We quickly realised the power of this data in predicting future prospect behaviour. We began reviewing the data points in 2013, and since then we have continued to optimise our Social Selling methodology based on the insights we have been extracting.

Then, in August 2015, we decided to run our largest ever data research project. We decided to compare the profiles and actions of those prospects who became leads for our clients versus those who did not.

Based on 4+ years of campaign data, we discovered the traits – “signals” – that prospects display when they are more likely to be interested in an organisation’s products or services, more likely to engage salespeople on social networks, and more likely to agree to a sales meeting.

These signals are in higher proportion – often 50% higher – in prospects who became leads vs. those who did not.

We now offer our clients Social Selling programs that are driven by this data and insights.

Skotidas Consulting Group is the world’s first agency to combine Predictive Analytics with Social Selling. We call this, Predictive Social Selling.