iCumulus Data Exchange (DX) is unique to the Australian market. iCumulus launched the Data Exchange on the back of working with premium data publishers over the course of 15 years to help them monetise their visitors. We work for clients on the collection of prospects contact data, as it’s a natural progression to include cookie data when building prospects. This allows for a multi-channel approach when contacting prospects.

Re-targeting is generally known as the line in a programmatic campaign that delivers the best overall result. One of the most common issues involve the steps required to expand on the data pool to re-target against the existing data. This is where 3rd party data from the exchange comes in, as it has the ability to find look-a-like audiences or close matches to the ideal target audience.

Key USP’s:

  • Permissioned – Consumers are made aware of the benefits of the placement of the cookie on their browser – a more relevant experience across the WWW. Privacy policies are changed to disclose the information captured and an opt-out link to provided.
  • User engagement – Data is collected based on the user’s responses – click based.
  • Real – time – Data is available for re-targeting immediately after collection.

The Data:

  • Profile – Age/sex/class/location.
  • Interest – 15+ primary Interest verticals available – IAB categories.
  • Explicit Intent – Via survey style questioning consumers have indicated a time period to which they are interested in a vertical
  • In market – Cookies set to 90 days.
  • Our taxonomy has over 250 lines enabling a broad range of targeting capabilities.


  • Australia’s Premium data marketing publishers – 50+ partners.
  • Permissioned – we have collected this information from consumers who have opted in.
  • Recent – All Data is available in real time.
  • User activation – all data collection is post click.

Key Uses of the Data:

  • Custom Audience builds – Facebook and Google.
  • Look-a-like audience build.
  • Programmatic targeting for Display.
  • Online Video targeting.
  • Creative decisioning.

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