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Is Business-to-Everyone (B2E) the future of B2B?

To be successful in the rapidly changing digital world, businesses should be able to deliver personalized customer experiences to individuals that are part of the buying decisions Historically, businesses considered …

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AI in Marketing: Myths vs. Reality

The true promise of AI in marketing is greater speed, writes Jonny Bentwood, Global Head Of Data & Analytics at UK PR agency Golin There is a great deal of hype around AI …

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Creating Marketing Campaigns with a Human Touch

In today’s challenging environment, marketers are being asked to drive more business by ensuring efficient and effective spend of their valuable marketing dollars. They need to drive website traffic, generate …

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How To Use Chatbots To Grow Your Business

Some entrepreneurs can be intimidated by advanced tech. With AI-powered conversational interfaces, founders either have to dive in or hire a professional to leverage the technology. As social media and chat …

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