What does this mean for you, as a publisher?

This means that we have a committed team actively connecting top brands to your environment and finding the right fit for your audience. We hold strong relationships with both media agencies and also clients, direct.

Our Products:

  • Performance Cloud – Performance Media Network. We offer clients media campaigns to be delivered on key performance metric – CPC, CPL. We specialise in campaign delivery via email, question sponsorship, co – registration. Publishers within Performance Cloud are sold on a non-named basis. All Publishers comply to IASH standards and all local spam and privacy legislations
  • Atmosphere LM – Leads Management Platform. Tracks all media campaigns and lead generation. Full campaign and financial reporting

iCumulus are experts in digital asset monetisation.

iCumulus has access to the region’s largest lead, digital and data advertisers. We have developed a number of programmes for publishers to join our Network with a focus on our specialisation – Lead Generation

Lead Generation services provided by iCumulus offers digital publishers additional revenue streams to current traditional advertising formats. Lead generation is via existing member registration and member marketing channels. Our platform facilitates the automated collection of consumer data from publishers to be passed directly to end clients.

We provide our Network Partners access to our state of the art lead management and tracking platform, Atmosphere LM which removes the manual process of data delivery. Utilising the platform allows publishers to focus on their key strengths, building quality content and assets.

Key Services for Publishers:

  1. Revenue generation consulting service
    • Consulting advice for the development of key digital assets for today’s digital advertising marketplace
    • Lead Generation
    • Lead Management
  2. Asset monetisation:
    • Via our Partner Network of publishers
    • Email CPM
    • Email performance campaigns
    • Lead Generation – data collection
    • List broking – data sales
  3. Lead Management Platform
    • Atmosphere LM – developed by us specifically for the Australian market
    • Data Capture direct from publisher into platform
    • Data cleansing and deduping
    • Publisher portal for reporting and finance
    • Client portal for data acquisition
    • API integration into Client CRM
    • Lead optimisation
    • Lead scoring
    • Lead nurturing
  4. Asset Management:
    • lead management via our proprietary platform
    • List Management
    • Campaign delivery
    • Full reporting

Key Facts:

  • iCumulus is currently a niche team focused on maximising revenue for premium digital media properties in AU
  • 75% of our revenue derived on behalf of our Network Partners (media owners / publishers) is via lead generation campaigns
  • We are clear market leaders in the sector of Lead Generation, email/data marketing
  • Our goal is to represent premium digital media assets and permission databases to our clients in AU and NZ
  • Developed Performance Cloud – Due to the demand for performance media (CPC,CPL,CPA) growing to levels of 20% of online display revenue
  • Atmosphere LM is a Leads Management platform managing all aspects of Leads Management. We use Atmosphere to track all campaigns sold by iCumulus
  • We offer Atmosphere LM publisher ad serving free of charge to all iCumulus exclusive publishers

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