iCumulus is a team of Direct Response experts. We provide a full suite of services for clients focused on the generation of  consumer responses. These multi-channel campaigns are focused on Digital media via our trading desk.

Operating 15 years within the digital media landscape, our team has a depth of experience across the leading specialised advertising channels:

  • Programmatic Buying
  • Lead Generation
  • Email advertising
  • Mobile advertising
  • Data marketing
  • Social media
  • Performance Media

Direct Response (DR) advertising provides clients immediate response directly from prospects to their advertising. As we specialise in digital, all responses are tracked and reported in real time.

As experts in DR advertising we back ourselves by offer clients campaigns with a remuneration model based on us generating these responses. That’s right, we only get paid when we get responses to your advertising

Why do Direct Response advertising with iCumulus?

By working with the iCumulus DR team of experts, you will be able to:

  •  Run ads in several formats such as Sponsored Questions, eDMs, display and mobile.
  • Track prospect activity and collate responses in real time – utilising Atmosphere LM, ad tracking platform that provides you with secured data and on the fly stats reporting.

The experts at iCumulus are ready to help you with getting the best ROI out of these campaigns.

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